The Young Catalyst grant awards up to £500 to young people on low incomes to pay for things that you think will make a difference for you. It is a simple, special and effective fund designed to support you in a number of ways.

If you are an Islington resident and aged between 16-25, you are eligible.


You can apply for funding to pay for a number of things that will help you access opportunities or participate in activities.

We understand that under the current circumstances, you might have other priorities right now, but we have included the suggestions below to give you an idea of what you could use the grant for. We are flexible and open to all ideas, so please fill out the form and send it in! We promise we’ll consider all ideas, big or small!

You might want to spend your grant on the costs of musical instruments, to book time in a studio to record, to pay an engineer to help you mix/master your tracks, or on any other musical projects. It could also contribute towards the purchasing of speakers or software to help you produce music. Likewise, if you’re interested in filmmaking, you could put your grant towards buying a camera, equipment or editing software to make a film.

You can use this grant to help pay for equipment or tools, books, stationery or materials for your studies or training courses that you’re attending or will be attending soon. You might also want to purchase things like a laptop, tablet, desktops computer, or software to help you pursue your creative goals, or complete your coursework or training.

The grant could contribute towards things like gym or club membership fees, season tickets or materials for you to follow an interest. This could be for sports training, or to be able to buy the things you need for the Duke of Edinburgh Award. You may wish to spend your grant on things like a sports kit or equipment so you can take part in sports activities. If you want to get out and about, you can use this grant for things like going to a gig, galleries or the theatre.

For many of these activities, you might also want to factor in the cost of getting around and include the cost of a bus pass, young person’s railcard or train tickets.

Please complete this Google form and give us as much detail about your project as possible. If you’re more comfortable speaking, we can arrange a time for you to tell us about your idea over the phone. You can call (0)7952701641. If you’d prefer to send a video application, please send it to: contact@creativeopportunities.co.uk

After we have received your application, a small committee made up of other young people will help us decide which applications we will accept.

Please note, you can also apply for a smaller amount - your proposal might only need £250, for example.

Applications are now closed for the first round of grants. We are currently reviewing applications. However, there will be another round of funding in the future so if you missed this deadline, you can still apply now to be considered for the next round.

Good luck!