Working With Disability

One in five people in the UK have a disability. Of those, less than half are in employment, compared to 80% of people who are not disabled.

We worked with a group of young disabled people from the youth board of the CanDo Partnership to make a documentary exploring the relationship between disability and employment. Working With Disability was the culmination of a series of workshops we delivered in which the group developed their film production skills, knowledge of policies that affect disabled people, event management and public speaking.

Working With Disability was premiered in the UK Houses of Parliament. Prominent disability and employment activists Graeme Ellis, Andy Greene, John Horan, Adil Latif, and Kirsty McHugh were invited to speak on a panel after the screening. The film has gone on to play in seven film festivals across three continents and was awarded Best New Filmmaker at the 2016 Canadian Diversity Film Festival.

Check out Working With Disability and let us know what you think of the film! You can join the conversation by using the hashtag #WorkingWithDisability to share your views and experiences.

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Working With Disability

Click to the watch the award winning documentary, Working With Disability.