“I’ve never really experienced surround sound before, never had the opportunity to work with it as intimately as I have with the Torus installation.” Justin

We organised four paid work experience placements for young people with Flow Conceptions’ Torus project, an audio-visual installation that has been toured extensively round the UK festival scene. Through the course of the placement, the participants were taught about the evolution of generative and procedural art and how it could develop in the future, as well as being introduced to new programming techniques. Involvement with the Torus project demonstrated how young people can break into the creative industry by pursuing newly developing art forms.

Our participants then organised an exhibition of the Torus project at The Hive in Dalston. You can see footage from the event and the work experience placement in our Torus video.



Torus 3

Torus Project Video

A short video showcasing the amazing work of our participants.