Healthy Planet, Better World

Healthy Planet Better World is a conference organised by the health community, which revolves around current environmental issues.

Creative Opportunities was commissioned to create a promotional video for the conference and to document the talks from keynote speakers.

Healthy Planet, Better World

Watch the highlights of the Healthy Planet, Better World conference.

David Powell - Healthy Planet

Environment programme lead David Powell discusses a partnership between the New Economic Foundation and the African Centre for a Green Economy looking at the dynamics between economic inequality and sustainability in four case studies from around Kenya.

Kate Raworth - Healthy Planet

Could doughnuts actually be good for us? Why it's time for a new version of human prosperity. Humanity's central challenge in the 21st century is to realise the human rights of all within the means of this life-giving planet. In other words, we need to g

Kevin Anderson, Healthy Planet

The IPCC’s latest report, and the commitments enshrined in the Paris Agreement have reshaped the climate change agenda. Whilst the former establishes carbon budgets as the appropriate scientific foundation for mitigation policy, the latter obligates the i

Kinari Webb - Healthy Planet

MD and Founder of Health in Harmony, Kinari Webb, shares her insights on her organisation's work improving the lives of people in the communities around Gunung Palung National Park in Borneo through increased and affordable health care, decreased logging

Annie Quick - Healthy Planet

Annie Quick, lead for Wellbeing and Inequality at the New Economics Foundation, outlines some of the issues around inequality and the environment in the UK, considers the political context, and attempts to offer a hope for the future.

John Lanchberry, HPBW

John Lanchbery is the Principal Advisor on climate change at the RSPB and a lead member of the BirdLife International team on climate change. At the conference he shared his insight on the COP21 Paris Agreement and what progress has been made towards the