In 2018, Creative Opportunities was selected by Community Organisers Ltd (COLtd), the national membership and training body for community organising, to be one of 10 youth groups across the UK to deliver Community Organisers.

What is Community Organising?

Community Organising is the work of bringing people together to take action around their common concerns and overcome social injustice.

What is Community Organisers?

Community Organisers is a year-long programme in which we trained 10 local young people aged 13-20 to become community organisers.

In partnership with COLtd, we supported the participants to attend accredited training and workshops, provided guidance and mentoring from experienced organisers and an opportunity to attend a residential with other young people from across the UK.

The participants attended four interactive sessions run by COLtd over the year: Introduction to Community Organising; Listening; Power and Action. These training days started wide-ranging conversations on topics like race and poverty, toxic masculinity, decolonisation and tactics for building power and affecting systems change. One of the participants launched ‘The Fight Continues’, a grassroots, intra-university, quarterly magazine of art, journalism and political pieces written by and for young people. We supported them with funding to print issues of The Fight Continues and to host a community arts event, the Westbury Sessions.

We provided the community organisers with skills development and opportunities to build relationships with their communities and peers, and exposed them to new ideas, models and tools for creating a social impact. All the participants now know how to develop campaigns about issues that are important to them, plan and manage projects and act as ambassadors for civic participation. The community organisers received UCAS points, a certificate and a reference for their participation in the programme.

If you are a young person or part of a group who would like some training in community organising, please let us know! Email us on