City Leaders

City Leaders is a youth leadership and social action programme delivered by Creative Opportunities. Over the course of the project’s first year we worked with a number of students from City and Islington College with the aim of empowering them with new skills and knowledge through community action.

Our City Leaders were given the chance to express their views and ideas about how to bring change to their community. In 2016 the City Leaders decided they wanted to focus on homelessness in their local area. We provided them with the resources and education to bring their campaign on homelessness to life. We built up the City Leader’s creative campaigning skills through a series of regular workshops on such topics as: filmmaking, designing presentations, pitching for funds and carrying out research on a campaign issue.

As part of the campaign the team created 40 waterproof rucksacks, each filled with food, toiletries and clothes, that were donated to Crisis. The campaign on homelessness continues to grow and develop; in 2017 the team will expand its base of City Leaders by mobilising support from the City and Islington student body, with ongoing support from Creative Opportunities.

Keep checking our website for updates on this project.


City Leaders outside Crisis Centre

City Leaders at Crisis

City Leaders community pitch at the Royal Maritime Museum

City Leaders Programme

The City Leaders programme was developed in partnership with The Federation of London Youth Clubs. For more information about the programme follow this link.