The Bold and the Boulder

It was fun to see our imagination actually come to life!” - St John and St James’ Student

We worked with a group of year six students to create an original stop-motion animation. The participants, from St John and St James primary school in Hackney, were asked to create a story about cooperation and teamwork drawing inspiration from Russian fable The Gigantic Turnip. We delivered a series of workshops led by a volunteer team of creative specialists. In these workshops the children learned a number of skills: creative writing, art, drama and animation, all of which were put into practice culminating in the vibrant and playful The Bold and the Boulder.

Check out The Making of ‘The Bold and the Boulder’  to see how the project came together, with commentary by the students of St John and St James school.


Project Video

We documented the various stages of the animation workshop and all of the fantastic work our participants did.

The Bold and The Boulder

Watch the amazing animation created by our participants.